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Physio Led Pilates Classes Online

Introducing GD Pilates, an online comprehensive and ever-growing library of video Pilates classes that you can have unlimited access to whenever and wherever you like. Enjoy your Pilates classes your way in the comfort of your own home, and a time that suits you with a monthly or annual membership plan.

Videos vary in length of time, body area focus and in difficulty so you can tailor your Pilates sessions to suit you & your day.

How is GD Pilates different?

As a Chartered Physiotherapist I use Pilates on a daily basis to help strengthen the core, arms and legs, mobilise joints and stabilise your body.

I have been teaching Physio-led Pilates classes with a strong emphasis on technique; getting the foundations right and always focusing on quality of the movement, to ensure you get the most from your Pilates. With this focus it means you become aware of your body and how it can move. It also means Pilates is for everyone- whatever your ability.

“Be in control of your body, not at its mercy.’

Joseph Pilates

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Access to an ever growing library of classes targeting specific areas and abilities

Do your Pilates classes wherever you are on computer or mobile

24/7 access to all video classes

All Classes delivered by a Chartered Physiotherapist with a wealth of experience

Build core and overall strength, stability and endurance

Improve posture and flexibility

Enhance body awareness and develop better coordination and balance

Feel uplifted and mentally more resilient

Prevent Injury