Our Approach

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy aims to restore normal movement and function of muscles, joints and other soft tissue structures after injury, disorder or disability. Physiotherapy is the long -term health profession that can address your pain.

Pain is an end result of series of adjustments your body makes when something isn’t quite right. Rest, ice and exercise may give you short-term improvement but if the underlying cause of the injury is not addressed then pain will reoccur.

At Gemma Darley Physiotherapy we don’t just focus on the pain that you present with, we address the whole cycle of the injury. This helps you get back faster, stronger, be more efficient and most importantly less likely to re- injure.

We don’t just treat symptoms, we work with our patients to get to the bottom of any underlying issues which ultimately helps keep you pain free for longer. This approach is proven to work with all types of injuries and patients from all walks of life; from desk job to world class athletes.

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What to expect from your initial assessment

This is your opportunity to tell us about your presenting condition, whether it be pain, stiffness, weakness etc. Getting a thorough history of the problem is an important part of the clinical assessment as it allows the physio understand the problem from your prospective. It is important the physio to also find out how the problem and existing symptoms are affecting your life so that goals can be devised and achieved.

This is where the physio will look at your movement to see how your joints and muscles are working together in relation to your symtpoms. We wont just look at the point of pain but at the

Think of the assessment as a physiotherapist putting the pieces of a jigsaw together to formulate a treatment plan specific to you. This will allow them to put a treatment plan into place specific to you. They will discuss treatment options as well as giving you advice and educating you about you on your disorder.


Treatment aims to assist the healing process, decrease pain, restore range of movement and increase strength. With your condition fully explained to you your treatment options will be discussed. Physiotherapist have a wide range of skills to treat specific conditions, specific to the individual including:

Mobilisations of joints and soft tissue
Progressive exercise
Clinical Pilates
Self management Home Exercise programme
Workstation Ergonomics
Postural advice
Advice on prevention of further recurrence of the injury


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