What is Pilates?

Pilates was founded in the 1930’s by a gymnast and bodybuilding enthusiast, Joseph Pilates. Joseph was one of the first pioneers in movement dysfunction, in recognising the need to improve the function of ‘stability’ muscles to improve imbalances within the ‘mobility’ muscles.

Pilates really is for everyone; all ages and of all levels of fitness from beginners right through to elite athletes. Everyone can gain something from Pilates.

Physiotherapists use Pilates as part of rehabilitation for movement dysfunctions that may have developed by poor posture, injury and pain.  The APPI Modified Pilates has been devised by Physiotherapists and has taken the original 34 mat work exercises and modified them to create a progressive approach to core stability training to deliver safe and effective Pilates.

The benefits of Pilates:

  • build core and overall strength, stability and endurance
  • improve posture
  • improve flexibility
  • enhance body awareness
  • develop better coordination and balance
  • injury prevention


“Concentrate on the correct movement each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and lose all vital benefits.’

Joseph Pilates


 View the current group pilates classes or enquire about a 1:1 session

Pilates Bishop Aukland - Gemma Darley Physiotherapy

1:1 Pilates Sessions

The best way to learn about your body is with 1:1 sessions. Initially these are important for learning the ‘foundations’ of Pilates.

Individual sessions give you the opportunity to get a tailor-made session specific to you. If you are struggling with specific areas, or recovering from injury or surgery that mean certain things need to be focused on, then these sessions are invaluable. You will gain confidence in yourself and how you move, allowing you to achieve the most from your Pilates sessions.

Pilates Bishop Aukland - Gemma Darley Physiotherapy

Group Pilates Classes:

Group Pilates classes are a great way to regularly practice the Pilates principles in a relaxed and social environment.

Classes are booked in 6 week blocks. By committing to a number of sessions you will really get the most of Pilates.

The maximum number of participants per class is 10. This allows me sufficient time to assist each individual with each exercise to make sure they get the most from a session.

Mats and Pilates blocks are provided but you are welcome to bring your own should you prefer.

Comfortable clothing appropriate for exercise should be worn. Traditionally Pilates is done barefoot but you are welcome to wear sock. Pilates socks are brilliant to add a little bit more grip to soles of your feet (see link)

Classes are 1 hour and within this time you will have complete a warm up, go through the main body of the session and then a stretch/relax at the end the session.